Customer Card

Loyalty Card - Health Food
Loyalty Card - Health Food

The Olive Branch Health Food Store Customer Card enables us to recognise and reward our best customers, offering the opportunity to save on their purchases further to our store having lower prices everyday.

This is something we feel very good about because it means, our most valued and loyal customers can save even more.

How does it work? When a customer purchases $15 and over in a single purchase, they are eligable to receive a point on their customer card.

When the customer reaches the end of a line on their card, they are eligable to receive 10% discount on the total of a purchase.

It's easy to save money while shopping with us!

Our card offers customers advantages, such as:

You choose when you would like to take the 10% discount. Customers are welcome to start a new card and continue to earn points.

Currently cards do not have an expiry.

It is free to join.

Conditions of use:

Customers are responsible for ensuring they present their card at time of check out.

Customer cards must be presented at the time of the original transaction to be eligible to receive a customer loyalty point.

Separate purchases in the same day do not accumulate to be eligible for a loyalty point.

Maximum allowable discount on a total purcahse is 10%.

The 10% Customer Card discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount, promotion, offer or sale items.

May only be used for purchases of eligible items. Excludes purchases on FIR Sauna's, Services and Treatments.

The Olive Branch Health Food Store reserves the right to revoke a customer card if we deem it necessary.

The Olive Branch Health Food Store reserves the right to change these conditions at any time in it's sole discretion. Any change, update, or modification will be effective immediately.