Mineral Hair Tissue Analysis

Hair Health Test
Hair Health Test

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis is a screening method involving the measurement of the concentrations of minerals and heavy metals excreted through (thus deposited in) the body's hair tissue. Mineral deficiency or toxicity excess found in the hair can be correlated to deficiencies or excesses within the body.

Hair Analysis is a method of the determination of the long term nutritional status as the level do not vary from day to day. Hair Analysis is an excellent tool for evaluating heavy metal status of toxic metals such as lead, arsenic, mercury and cadmium. Hair is a unique biological material, which because of its growth reflects the biochemical and environmental history of the person.

The Hair Analysis also provides a nutrient profile of the body and can be used as an indicator of mineral deficiencies, excess or biochemical imbalances, toxic metal excess or signs of metabolic disturbances.

Your health history can be revealed in a simple Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis. Do you suffer from allergies, lethargy, hyperactivity, vitamin difficiencies? You can request a Hair Analysis Report from one of our professional assessors at the Olive Branch to pin point the cause and get back on track quickly.


12 page Report now only $135.00.

Individualised Naturopathic interpretation of the report also available upon request for additional $49.50.